Vivienda Unifamiliar en Sitges

The assignment consists of the development of the interior design project and at the same time the detail of the different essential parts of the house such as: the kitchen space and the staircase and the lighting and noble areas.

The Bea Portabella office’s objective is to give shape and materiality to the project received. It is a newly built house in Sitges of 250m2, on 2 floors and a basement. It is the family house in Sitges used as a first home, lived in throughout the year.

It is important for clients to move away from the concept of a summer home without losing the essence of a non-urban home. Through architecture we are going to create a single environment and atmosphere throughout the home through the treatment of the walls and flooring, design of the interior carpentry and furniture in construction for the different parts of the house (living room, bathrooms, bedrooms).

A common thread is defined throughout the home through the oak wood covering (doors, walls and furniture) and the microcement used for the flooring and the built-in furniture such as sofas, headboards, beds, furniture and bathroom coverings.

We are looking for a warm and fresh image stripped of the unnecessary. A space that transmits calm and freshness. The oak wood provides a somewhat more formal and urban touch to the house.House open to the outside in continuous contact with the garden. The petrol blue wooden Venetian curtains like the exterior wooden doorways.

The garden as part of the house. Finally, the furniture is chosen or custom designed, for example, iron shelves and also bathroom mirrors and children’s furniture.

The result is a balanced and relaxing house that speaks the same language in all its corners.


Architect: Damián Ribas, Oriol Casanova (DO)
Interior Designer: Bea Portabella Arquitectura
Area 250m2
Location: Sitges
Date: 2018-2019