Refurbishment I+D Cereal Bakery

We received the commission to rehabilitate the facade and urban planning of the Cereal Bakery headquarters.

The offices of Beatriz Portabella arquitectura and Balet Rosello Arquitectos have a very attractive challenge. After working on the concept and space of the interiors ( Cereal Bakery project ) the client need to give the factory the same value and  modernity.

They are a set of 3 warehouses located in Sant Joan Despí. Built in the 60s, buildings made of concrete blocks and an irregular roof. The outer space is totally decomposed and is not governed by any order.

The intervention has two main objectives:

1-Refurbishment of the facades both in material and in windows  to provide the interior with better lighting and views. And generate a set in accordance with the leading level of research and technical activity that takes place inside.

2-Adaptation and urbanization of the permeable exterior space between the different warehouses and with the life of pedestrians.

The biggest challenge of the project was the refurbishment and design of the new facades. We plan to create a new language, a new building image that unites the three different original ships into one. A set of plans and materials with a single forceful image.

The architectural project generates a composition in two layers: the ground floor or plinth of the building in smooth copper sheet metal and the upper part as a continuous element of green corrugated sheet that generates different planes.

In the ground floors they are emphasized and generate new light inputs. Large product windows abroad. Transparency and vertical rhythm. Two large holes; access and operational area respectively. The copper carpentry follows the same rhythm as the ribs of the base.

The windows of the upper floors are reconsidered and escape to the outside, generating different planes of shadow. New openings that collect light and are displayed with strength and elegance.

Regarding the urbanization, the architects Beatriz Portabella and Balet Rosello propose a new green limit. The walls that enclose the naves with respect to the street and sidewalk disappear and new natural plant limits are established based on flower beds and through the unevenness of the land itself. Since the street is a sloping street, the warehouses are progressively at different levels. The relationship between them is made through stairs and ramps in these new flower beds and outdoor spaces open to the population. Trees are also introduced through which to generate rest spaces for the workers of the I+D center and provide shade and visual filters to the façade.

A detailed intervention where each plan position and profile dimension give a specific joint result and generate a current and leading building that responds to the interior function that is carried out in it.


Architect: Beatriz Portabella + Balet Rosello Arquitectos
Costumer: Europastry
Area: 1200m2
Place: Sant Joan Despí
Date: 2022
Constructor: Constructora Cardoner Group
Photographer: David Zarzoso