Offices I+D Cereal Bakery

An old industrial warehouse is the new space for the new offices and R&D center. We are presented with a comprehensive reform project of the entire space.

The objective of Bea Portabella and Balet Rosello in this new assignment is to create a workspace closely related to the product and the company’s core business.

The client proposes the challenge of being able to create a new image and way of working for the company. Generate the R&D center closely related to the product. Workshop and offices are confused. The workspace ceases to be a fixed and immobile place to become the entire surface. It is essential to smell, see and touch the product to be able to understand it. We are asked to be able to have the product and its preparation always present from any point of the operational work areas.

The work space understood as a square, an atrium surrounded by the different functions and small services.

With all these premises, the Obrador becomes the center of the space. The rest of the needs must be turned to him. The facades will therefore be transparent, industrial, iron is chosen as the conductive material in all the partitions.

Large gaps are opened through large opens between the different warehouses as large windows through which they understand the dynamism and work of the company.

White Will be the main color. Floors, walls and white carpentry. A neutral and simple atmosphere. All corners must breathe the same essence: be it a place for cooking, preparation, office or library or meeting room.

With all this, the result is a modern and dynamic space


Architect: Beatriz Portabella + Balet Rosello Arquitectos
Costumer: Europastry
Area: 800m2
Place: Sant Joan Despí
Date: 2021-2022
Constructor: Constructora Cardoner Group
Photographer: David Zarzoso