Rebuilding Housing MP

The project consists of the integral interior refurbishment of a house in a neighbourhood of Barcelona. It is a luminous but dark and crushed by the old distribution of small spaces that do not allow the access of the light to the interior of the house.

The reform is integral, making spacious and bright spaces. To this end, the total distribution is redefined.

The soul space of the house is the large dining room that is generated to unify all the small rooms in one. The kitchen is open plan, in direct contact with this large space and enjoying its spaciousness and luminosity.

The house is adapted to the needs of a young couple. In this way space is sacrificed in a second bedroom to be able to expand the original bathroom. The kitchen is open and communicates with the large dining room.

The master bedroom, which communicates with the living room is south facing and with all the visual breadth of the interior patio.

During the process of the work we discover the hydraulic pavement hidden under the terrazzo so we decide to recover. The walls are white in contrast to the boiler and natural tones of the hydraulic parts. The property exposes all its history and antiquity with a current and functional distribution that allows to enjoy spaces diaphanous and bright.

Architect: Bea Portabella Arq. Int.
Area: 100m2
Location: Barcelona
Start date: March 2017
End date:  May 2017